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Nail Care

Good nail care is to obtain adequate food, avoid excessive contact with harmful materials and with due diligence at work. Housework can be detrimental to nail as many of the solvents and cleaning products are used for skin and nails. It is good practice to use gloves while doing household chores, especially when you are driving suspect material. Learn more about caring for your nails.

Nail Polish Tips and suggestions

The nails have been polished clean and care can certainly add to the beauty of your shapely hands and add to your overall personality. Nail polish help improve the beauty of your nails and hands.

This is a fact that women have been aware of the centuries.
Choosing the right nail polish can go a long way in ensuring that your nails improves maximum beauty. The first step in choosing the right nail polish is to take basic care of nails. So first of all let’s look at a couple of tips to help you take special care of your nails.

Choose Color

Cherry red, pink, coral – these are some of the colors that you get the nail polish. You can even get green or yellow, and look good in them if you know how to use them. How to choose the color of your nail polish? You should choose such a tone that will enhance their beauty. That depends on your skin. White skin will go well with almost any color, darker colors are more effective in achieving change. If you are dark skinned, lighter shades that suit you best. Shades of red and rich brown suits also darker skin.

You can also choose between glossy or matte tones. The polish that you choose should match your overall appearance, clothing and jewellery and other makeup. To make the task easier, some companies offer makeup kits containing items matching that covers all the items until you need it.

For formal occasions or semi-formal and the first meetings, the light, neutral colors are the most basic. If your nails are exposed, you can choose a set of fingernails and toenails, at night you can choose a more daring, either UV nail polish for the evening or night gentle nail polish.

Ultimately, however, choose the color of your nail polish is a very personal decision you have to do, depending on what your personal preference and what kind of personality you project.

Other Considerations

Fast drying nail polishes are available that dries quickly but also tend to chip easily. Strong nail polish and longer are available. Depending on your need and the environment can choose one of them. Strong chip resistant nail polish should be preferred for everyday use because they do not have to touch these frequently. You can also get strong chip resistant nail polish and quick drying.

While the choice of nail polish you should also consider your overall health and allergies. If you have sensitive skin, you should choose hypoallergenic and unscented nail polish.

Applying Nail Polish

There are some basic facts that you can consider when applying nail polish. First, remove all traces of nail polish existing ones. Apply a layer of first base. After this, apply two coats of nail polish. Apply the polish in a few large strokes instead of several small strokes.


Choosing the right nail polish is a matter of preference and taste. However, some general guidelines can be considered while choosing the color, type of nail polish you use and their characteristics. These include the skin, style and color of their clothes and make up others and the nature of your skin.