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The Color You are Wearing Next to Your Face

I once applied makeup on a woman who was wearing pale yellow. The makeup looked good on her, and we were both pleased. Then she changed into a bright red shirt. The makeup no longer looked good; with the more intense color next to her face, the makeup appeared to fade away. It immediately became obvious that she needed a brighter lipstick and more blush when she wore the brighter color.

Similarly, I once did a makeover on a woman who had beautiful, intense auburn hair (which indicates warm, intense coloring). We had applied warm red lipstick and autumn-colored blush. It looked great. But when we held pale purple up to her face (which is a cool, muted color), the lipstick and blush "disappeared" and her face went white.

So, remember that makeup is affected by the environment around it. Part of that environment is the color(s) you are wearing right up next to your face. Those colors will have a great effect on how your makeup actually looks. If you are wearing more intense colors, you may need to apply more intense makeup and vice versa.

That's why it's helpful to put on the clothes you're going to be wearing before you apply your makeup. This will help you to see how your makeup is really going to look.


Another important thing to consider is the light the makeup will be worn in. Light may range from bright daylight to candlelight. And light makes a tremendous difference in how makeup looks.

Generally speaking, brighter light is less flattering than more muted light. Bright, direct sunlight will show imperfections more readily. Bright light tends to wash out color. It can be very unforgiving, especially if your makeup isn't blended carefully. If you will be in bright light, apply makeup lightly and carefully.

On the other hand, muted light is more flattering. (Candlelight is the most flattering of all.) Muted light is more forgiving, because imperfections tend to fade away.

Muted light also gives you more leeway in makeup application. As the light dims, your features will tend to blur, and your makeup will also dim. That's why you can apply makeup more heavily when you'll be in more muted light. Makeup that looks great in daylight will fade away in candlelight. Makeup that looks great in candlelight will look overdone in daylight.

Because light has such a big effect on how makeup looks, try to apply your makeup in the same light in which the makeup will be worn. Remember - the more muted the light, the more intense the makeup can be and still look good.