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Enrich the Root

Everybody needs lustrous and easy manageable hair so that every style can be tried comfortably. It is really difficult to achieve healthy and voluminous hair as our hair is daily exposed to pollution, chemicals, read and harmful rays. To keep hair follicle and scalp strong and fortified nutrients are utmost essential elements. Healthy and beautiful hair is the combination of several things such as genetics, daily hair care, good hair cosmetics, good weather and water, nutrients.

But due to several factors like environmental and climatic changes, lifestyle changes and due to age our hair tends to lose. So to improve the hair texture and in order to keep hair healthy, regular oiling and conditioning is required. A proper diet with essential vitamins and minerals will improve the texture as well as ensures the overall health of hair.

Food that enrich the hair root with proper nutrients:

1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Fatty acids contains oil that helps in providing hydration to hair. Oily fish like Indian salmon, pumpkin seeds and avocado consist of fatty acid.

2. Proteins: The most essential element is proteins for strong hair. Less proteins means hair fall, dry hair and split ends.Proteins rich food: Fish, eggs, chicken and nuts.

3. Asparagus: Asparagus consist of folic acid and is rich in vitamin A and C along with iron and fiber. It adds silicon to the hair thereby stimulating the hair growth and leads to shiny hair.

4. Flax seeds: It contains large amount of iron and omega-3 fatty acids that provides scalp protection and helps in hair growth.

5. Oats: In order to maintain the natural color of hair oats are extremely beneficial. Oats prevent hair loss by stimulating melanin production. It contains iron, magnesium and phosphorus that is vital in hair growth.

6. Green Vegetables: Vitamin A and C are the great source of iron and selenium and green vegetables contains Vitamin A and C. Green leafy vegetables promote sebum production.

7. Milk: Milk contains calcium, iron and proteins that are important in hair growth.

8. Sprouts: In order to reduce hair fall sprouts are the best option. Several types of sprouts are available like green gram cereals, beans, peas that ensure hair growth and stops hair fall and add shine to hair.

9. Soya bean: It contains almost 40% of proteins and the richest source of proteins.

10. Vitamin E: The important vitamin for hair and skin care. It helps in preventing hair from sun damage and repairing the hair tissues. Food that is good source of Vitamin E are almonds, walnuts, avocado, spinach and olive oil.

11. Vitamin A: Vitamin A is needed to produce Sebum. Sebum is the oily substance that is produced naturally and it conditions our scalp. Orange and yellow vegetables like carrot, sweet potatoes, pumpkin.