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For hundreds of years women have relied on unusual beauty treatments they they’d swear by, but go in the face of conventional wisdom. From home made face masks to overnight hair treatments, we’ve put together some of the weird and wonderful methods we’ve come across. Some of these maybe more common then you think, however there items on this list that made us gasp in awe.


A common tip, but one that’s not entirely mainstream is to apply nail polish remover to your bare nails before applying your chosen polish. Applying nail polish remover before the main coat of paint creates a longer lasting finish and this is perfect for holidays and extended breaks.

Avoiding Dry Skin After Shaving

Using almond shower oil while shaving your legs dramatically reduces dry skin and stops the dreaded post shaving rash. Not a common tip by any stretch of the imagination, but a highly effective one none the less.

Soft Hands

An old wives tale that has stood the test of time, rubbing your hands with olive oil and sugar will leave you with soft, moisturized hands. Perform this once a day for two weeks and the end of this period you’ll have super soft hands at the a fraction of the price you’d pay a manicurist.

Adding Color

We all need a bit of extra color especially in the winter months and it can be tempting to splash out on sun beds and gallons of fake tan, however there is an alternative. Instead of spending a fortune on tinted moisturizer just add a few drops of your normal tanner to you normal moisturiser for colour that’s inexpensive and long lasting.

Hair Treatment

One quick way to update your hair without going to the salon is to add a few drops of perfume to your hair brush before brushing. Doing so will make your hair smell great and its an instant pick me up and a nice to complete a contemporary outfit. Your hair has a great bearing on your style, so make sure your hair matches your beautiful outfit.

Get Rid of Dry Foot Skin

The bane of woman’s life especially during the summer months, getting rid of dry skin at the bottom of the foot, also known as calluses can be very tricky. Often a woman will spend hours with a file trying to remove these unwanted patches of skin, however there is an easier way. Before going to sleep lather your feet in Vaseline put on a pair of socks and wake up to magically softer feet, free from dry patches.

The tips above are known in some circles but none have reached a mainstream audience, hopefully you’ll them useful and they’ll inspire you to share your favorite techniques.