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Hair Do

Hair do, hair cut and hair style means the styling of hair. Get the expert advice on how to carry latest hairstyles and hottest hair trends. Find the best look at GLAMZONE and experts to guide you on which hair length perfectly suits you better.

Whether you have curly, long, short or straight hair, nothing matters if the hair style suits you perfectly. From curly hair to buns, braids, straight hair and boy cuts there are endless number of options that you can opt.

Different Types of Hair Styles:

If you have short hair:

• Fishtail Braid can be tried both side swept or centre neck that looks good with your face cut.

• If your hair is short but voluminous then curls can give a cute and adorable appearance.

• Bob cut and pixie is the evergreen style and gives beautiful and glam look. Bob haircut is very easy to manage if you have busy routine. In pixie cut top layers of hair are longer and side cuts are maintained short.

• Shoulder length bob is the classic hairstyle, the advantage of this hairstyle is that it can be pulled back to ponytail or bun.

If You Have Short Hair:

• Braided pigtail is the best option for medium hair.

• If your hair is voluminous then go for spiral curls that will give fluffy and glam look. Along with this it imparts natural look.

• You can try lob hair cut. In lob hair cut, the hair is slightly longer in the front and shorter at the backside.

• Double pony hairstyle tends to add volume to your hair. In this style there is a one pony just above another one and both ponytails are joined to look like a single ponytail.

• With little efforts straight hair can be converted into curly if you want to change the consistency of hair. This style gives elegant and wild look.

• Layered cutting of hair is the most classic hair style giving the classic and casual look. Further highlights can be done at lower ends of hair.

If you have long hair:

• Criss-cross ponytail and high ponytail can be tried if you love to do ponytail.

• The most sleek bun style is ballerina bun hairstyle. It gives simple as well as cute look to any face-cut.

• Layer cut is another option for long hair with front hairs short and long hair at backside.

• Bubble ponytail adds royal and elegant look.

• Long curls from shoulder add volume to long hair.

• Messy bun adds glam look.

• Any braid style can be done on long hair like side braid, French Braid, Dutch braid.