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The Basics Of Make Up

Whatever make up you apply, it should make you look better and feel good. There are different products that are used for doing make up. Make up has gained importance in the recent past due to the importance of the external looks. People judge you by your face, and it is very important to be presentable all the time. You can use the basic make up tools so as to make your face more radiant and look more appealing. The type and shade of the make up product that you use is totally dependent on your skin tone. If you are new to getting a make up then it is always advisable to go to a beauty clinic and get the make up done from there. The complexion is one of the main factors that are to be considered while selecting the make up shades. You should always suit a shade that can easily mingle with your skin tone. The use of lighter or darker shades would give an unclean look. It is not always necessary to be fair to use make up. You can use the darker shades to suit your complexion. Make up is mainly used to mark the features of your face. With the help of the make up you can highlight your lips and your eyes. There are different products that are specifically meant to beautify the eyes and the lips. It would help you get a noticeable face. Another important point that has to be taken care of is how to apply the make up you have.

Applying Make up

Before you start with the make up it is very essential that you choose the right products from the right companies. There are a number of brands that are associated with the make up products. You can either go by your personal experience or ask your friends to guide you with the good make up brands. The foundation is one of the most important parts of any make up. If you want a clean and a good end result to your make up then the choice of the foundation has to be good. One of the advantages of going to the beauty clinic is that the choice of the foundation and the other products is carefully done by them. There are a few people who use more than one foundation to bring out a particular shade. In that case you must carefully blend the two shades to yield one good shade to suit your complexion. The main purpose of the foundation is to allow the additional make up to stick to your skin. It also protects your skin from the harsh make up products. People who have a dark complexion are advised to use more than one foundation. This helps in blending the different shades and adding to the shade of the skin. Another way of doing this is to use the two foundations on the different parts of the face. Doing so can provide the contrast and bring out the features of your face. If you are planning to apply different shades to different parts of your face, then you have to consider the face cut. The face cut of a woman is one of the decisive factors that must be considered while applying two shades of foundation on the face. You can either opt for the ready made blended foundation or get one blended for you personally. IF you think that the shade that you have been looking for is not available then you may also get a customized foundation for your self. You should try not to mix the foundation on your own as it might incur a lot of wastage. You can get it done either from the beauticians or from the companies that manufacture them. If you still are not able to find the color to match your skin then you can visit a beauty clinic or contact a make up artist to help you out with it.

Few more details on application

Before you start with application of the make up, you should wash your face and get rid of any dirt sticking on to it. You should then wipe off the water and pat dry the skin. After you are done with cleaning your face you may start with the application of the make up. You should always make sure that there is no make up or any other skin cream applied to the skin before application of the make up. If you do so the new make up applied would blotch and swell and give an unclean look. Moreover it is not safe to sleep with the make up on. You should make it a habit to remove the make up from your face before you go to sleep. The foundation should be carefully applied to the face. For lining the lips you can use the lip line. If you have perfect lips then you should avoid the use of the lip pencil. The lip line is more precise for lining the lips. To highlight a particular portion of your lips you can use a lip highlighter. For example if you want your upper lips to be more attractive and protruding then you may use a lip highlighter for the same. There is an indention between the lip and the nose. You can apply a lighter foundation there to make the upper lip more attractive. The use of a lighter foundation makes the skin reflect light and thus bringing a contrast of the lighter skin and the upper lip. The use of the lip stick is a must. You cannot finish any make up without the use of a lip stick. You should know how to apply the lipstick. You need to have steady hands while applying the lipstick so that it doesn't spreads outside the lips. More over you should use the lining that you had previously drawn as the outer boundaries which the lipstick should no cross. You can select from the different types of lip sticks. There are lip pencils and brushes available to make the process easier and to provide a good texture to the lipstick. You should also be aware of the corrective measures that are to be followed to correct the lipstick. There are lip tone balancers available which are of use if the lip color in uneven. If the lip color is not even then you can use the lighter tone balancers at the lighter areas and vice versa to bring out uniformity in the shades of the lipstick. There are different types of brushes that are made available so as to suit your requirement. The broader brushes are to be used for the thick outlining and the thin brushes are to be used when there is a need of accuracy.