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Makeup for Brown Eyes: 5 Excellent Tips

Do you feel so ordinary because of your plain brown hair, white skin and brown eyes? Don’t be! You are, in fact, beautiful in your own way. You are like a diamond that needs to be polished to create that specific look that you have been longing for. How do you achieve that look? You’ll need some of the best Makeup for Brown Eyes!

Choosing the Right Makeup for Brown Eyes

It goes without saying that good makeup for brown eyes starts with putting on a good foundation. Apply a matte color all over your face, even on your eyelids. It also helps to remember the basic rule for eye makeup application- the darker the eye shade, the lighter the eye shadow color and vice-versa. Ready for the tips? Here they are:

1. Use a light and dark hue combo. Neutral colors such as light brown, pale orange, coffee, peach and beige works best as highlighters for darker hues like purple, navy blue, maroon, and yes, dark brown, too. Finish it off with a darker eyeliner. This Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes combo will definitely accentuate your beautiful eyes and make them look bigger. Try it and you’ll notice how people will turn their heads to take a second look at those lovely brown eyes of yours.

2. Use eye shadows with shimmer. Yes, you read it right. Do use some shimmer but be careful not to overdo it. Putting on heavy silver dust or something too dense is a definite no-no. Just use shinning powder and spread it over your eyelids very gently. Remember that you’ll have to follow these tips on Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes in their exact proportions otherwise it’s going to be a complete failure. You don’t want to look like a party clown, do you?

3. Use metallic eyeshadow and liner. Metallic eyeshadows may seem a bit old and outdated but the trick is to use them sparingly. Use a small brush, your finger or a soft tissue and smudge the eyeshadow just a bit. The shiny glow will make you look flashy and fresh.

4. Wear dresses that contrast with your eye color. Generally speaking, brown eyes have different hues. They might be brown-brown, brown-black, brown-blue, etc. Make your eyes glow with warmth and energy by wearing dresses in darker shades of blue, green, gray, red and violet. You can also opt for earth-toned hues such as tan, beige or off-white. Avoid pastel colored clothes as they tend to create a washed-away look for your eyes.

5. Use purple colored mascara for your eye lashes. The last tip on Makeup for Brown Eyes is once again to create a color contrast with the use of a purple-colored mascara. This can definitely accentuate your brown eyes.

These 5 makeup tips for brown eyes are just some of the many suggestions we have to make your brown eyes more beautiful and charming. Add or take from it. Play with your eye shadows, liners are shimmers to find which makeup for brown eyes suits you best.