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Hair Loss Prevention

Everybody gets concerned when they notice their hair falling. Although hair loss is due to hereditary reasons, but there are other factors as well that can cause you baldness. You will be required to minimize the effects caused by those factors or completely eliminate those factors in order to prevent your hair loss.

The factors are:

Over Coloring and Over Blow Drying:

If you are abusing your hair by over coloring and over blow drying it, you must have already started loosing or have a propensity to loose your hair. Hair is better colored after six to eight weeks, but not any time before that. Although not everyone gets their hair fall due to coloring, but it does have damaging effects for hair. Similarly blow drying your hair overly can dry your hair out and make them fall.

Avoid Certain Hairstyles:

Many hair styles require a lot of pulling in the form of ponytails and brads, which makes hair fall.

Proper Diet and Proper Rest:

Proper diet and proper rest should be taken in order to prevent hair from losing. Drinking lots of water and taking enough calcium are scientifically proven methods of hair loss prevention. Getting enough sleep help the body to provide hair with necessary amenities. If you keep your body healthy, your hair will be healthy too. Your hair will fall when you go ill.

Using Right Products:

Always use the shampoo which is made specifically for the type matching the type of your hair. You should apply a good conditioner after every shampooing.

Taking Care of Split Ends:

You should keep the split ends of your hair trimmed.

Best Drying of Hair:

Whenever it is possible, you should let you hair dry naturally after bath instead of drying your hair with a dryer.

Avoid Rubbing Hair Covers:

You should not wear such hats and should never cover your hair with things that rub hair scalp because they cause bald areas.