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Roller Set

Roller sets is one of the safest ways for hair styling that makes very minimal use of heat. Any style and be done with ease. Roller sets are perfect for any occasion and event. The best thing is that any style can be chosen irrespective of hair length, hair type and hair color. Further there is no usage of chemicals and heat.

What Is A Roller Set?

It is also known as wet set. The hair styling method in which rollers are being set into the hair when the hair is wet. Chemicals can also be used if you want to carry the style for a long period of time. Styling is done in between the time after the hair is wet and before the hair is dried. Generally a setting lotion or gel is applied for styling.

Rollers are removed only after hair gets dried. There are number of factors that will determine the amount of time roller sets last. Hair texture and degree of wetness before drying are the most considered aspects.

There are Four Types of Rollers:

Any specific style can be achieved by using any one of these roller sets. Also heat and chemicals can be used if needs.

1. Magnetic Rollers

There is no magnetic mechanism as name implies. They are made of plastic. Wet hair usually preferred for magnetic rollers. Wet hair clings over rollers and can be stretched according to desired shape.

Normally used for those who have long hair length. It is not used if hair length is less than shoulder.

2. Perm Rods

Perm rods are totally different from magnetic rollers. The result of this method is very curly hair. It forms more tight curls.

It is a very good method for people having short hair length and natural hair. Since rods are small in size, so large no of perm rods will be required.

3. CurlFormers

CurlFormers are good for short length hair. This technique is expensive in comparison to other techniques.

4. FlexiRods

As name suggests they are very flexible. It is best for natural hair. Voluminous curls can be achieved using this technique. They are less tight as compared to magnetic rolls due to their flexibility.

Benefits of Roller sets:

• No chemicals and heat is required.

• For curling and stretching the hair,

• Helps in natural hair growth.