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What is Highlighter?

It is not the first season that makeup artists and fashionistas consider this to be any cosmetic bag. The main action of this cosmetic product is to highlight the convex parts of the face: the back of the nose, cheekbones, the pits of cupid and the part under the eyebrow. Even a sleepy face will look 100% when using the highlighter. That is why girls like the highlighter so much.

When applying a highlighter it is worth being extremely careful, because it is very easy to cross the thin line between light, attractive radiance and oily skin.


Cosmetic brands present us with this product in different states: pressed into powder, liquid and in stick. Each variant of the highlighter has its own characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing this tool:

1. Powder highlighter.

This highlighter gives a weightless pleasant glow. Therefore, powder highlighter = day makeup. With it, it is easy to isolate large areas of skin.

Suitable For All Skin Types.

2. Liquid highlighter.

If you harbor brushes of hate, liquid texture is a great option for you. With the help of a highlighter in liquid form, you can lighten any part without spending much time and accuracy. Just apply this item on the desired part of the face and blend well.

This Condition Is Ideal For Carriers Of Dry Skin.

3. Highlighter - stick.

Beautician on the way out - "favorable place to stay" for the highlighter in the stick. It is very convenient to carry it with you and at the right time to make your skin shine.

The cream texture of the highlighter is also ideal for evening exits. This tool is highly resistant, so no doubt use it, going to a romantic dinner.


An important role is played by the color and shade of this tool. When choosing a highlighter color, you should pay attention to the color type of the exterior. After all, there are colors that absolutely will not suit you, therefore, spoil the whole impression of your makeup.

• Olive skin tones suit pink. Peach shades well emphasize all the beauty of olive skin tone.

• Silver shade is recommended for girls with light skin tones. Also a great option would be the color of champagne. These shades emphasize the advantages of a light skin tone.

• The darker highlights of the highlighter will highlight the colors similar to the skin tone: bronze and brown. Mother of pearl and sparkles in bronze highlighters will make your face ache bright and memorable!

How To Use

There is a very easy and memorable rule for the highlighter. All parts that have a "hollow", or, conversely, "stick out" need to apply this tool.

Lips: Defining and Adding Color

Many people put lip liner and lipstick on last. I recommend putting them on after foundation and contouring, because I have found that lipstick often "sets the tone" for color on your face. That is, if you are wearing a brighter/darker lipstick, you'll often want to put your eye shadow and blush on a little darker. If you're wearing a more muted/lighter lipstick, you'll often want to put your eye shadow and blush on a little lighter. (Remember, everything needs to be harmonious and in balance.)

Lip liner goes on first. Lip liner helps define the lips, and helps lipstick to last longer. To apply lip liner, put a dot at the corners of your lips, at the two "peaks" of the upper lip, and the center of the lower lip. Connect the dots, following your lips' natural contours. Then fill in the rest of your lips, using the side (not the point) of the lip liner.

Once lip liner is applied, put on your lipstick as usual.

Eyes: Defining and Emphasizing

What's the most important feature on your face? Your eyes! Usually, when you talk with someone, they will look at your eyes. Eyes are the most expressive feature you have. So it's very important to define and emphasize your eyes when you put on makeup for prom.


Mascara plays a big role in making your eyes look bigger, especially if your lashes are naturally light. To apply mascara, first run it along the tips of your lashes, top and bottom, on both eyes. Then come back and apply mascara from the bottom of the lash (nearest your eyes) on out to the tips.

Two light coats of mascara will look better than one heavy coat. It's also helpful to have a small eyelash brush to comb out any clumping. Curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler will also make them appear longer.