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Side Locks

Side locks or sideburns or sideboards or side whiskers are the facial hair that is grown on the sides of face. These sideburns can be behind the ears or they may occur parallel along the ears.

Facial hair looks extremely sexy in case of men but when it comes to women facial hair and sideburns may give shabby look. There are various ways to get rid of facial hair.

Of all the methods, razor is the easiest method to use. But it may cause irritation and leads to hard hair growth and may cause rough skin which surely nobody wants.

A lot of ladies are suffering from this problem. Instead of using razor they prefer waxing to red rid of facial hair. Men while shaving uses either trimmer or razor to remove such unwanted sideburns. Many men grow side locks into moustaches and beard.

Methods to remove side locks

1. Razor: The simplest method to remove facial hair. But razor can lead to rashes, redness, irritation and hard hair growth. Mostly used by men since they don’t remove facial hair completely.

2. Epilator: Specially designed device for removing facial hair. It consists of multiple mechanical arms that pull out hair effectively. It is very effective method but somewhat painful but it is long lasting and quick method to be used. It can be used in shower and wet. It is very easy to remove short hair but you have to trim the long hair. It is glided in the opposite direction of hair growth. Tweezers can be used for clean look.

3. Waxing: Another easy method with very less pain. Don’t overheat the wax it may lead to burning of skin. Waxing is done in the same direction as hair growth. Roll on wax and pre waxed strips are also available if you don’t want to put on the hot wax. If the skin is highly sensitive powder can be applied. Make the hair length prior to waxing. If hair is too short then use tweezers instead of waxing again over that area.

4. Hair removal creams Hair removal creams contain certain chemicals that are helpful in dissolving the hair proteins. The creams lead to the weakening of hair roots from the follicle. The most important thing is to check whether your skin is sensitive or not. Use cream according to the sensitivity of the skin. The hair removal creams come in the form of gels, creams, roll-ons and aerosols.

5. Laser Hair Removal: If you are not confident enough to do waxing on your own then salon is the option to go for the services of some professional. The process uses heat to remove hair and it has very long lasting results.

6. Electrolysis: The tiny probe with electrolysis mechanism is used to remove hair. Any skin and hair color is feasible with electrolysis.