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Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is the most popular cosmetics, and for good reason. Only the touch of mascara can open your eyes, while a touch of color can transform instantly. Whatever your eye shape and color, you can take steps to make sure they always look impressive. Many women hesitate to experiment with eye makeup, because it seems too long and complicated. The large number of products on the shelves and counters of makeup can make it even more intimidating. However, you can create a variety of looks – from the simplest to the most extreme – to open their eyes to the basic techniques.

1. Eye – Eyebrows:

Many women tend to completely ignore the eyebrows. Or, sometimes, usually worse, they overpluck. For eye makeup, eyebrows make a significant impression. They can provide a balanced look to the face making the effort to master the technique and get looking right.

Define your brows with powder or pencil color:

1. To define eyebrows you should use eyebrow pencil. This produces gives a natural effects.
2. You can also use a sharp pencil to draw in small strokes to define eyebrows.
3. Then smooth out the lines they have done with the eye pencil by lightly stroking.

For natural eyebrows: For perfectly groomed brows in a moment, try to check carefully with a brush, to catch any dust or a foundation. Comb hair up and out. This will also take a look with open eyes. Then lightly stain them with clear gel to keep the shape in place.

How to pluck the eyebrows:

1. Search the brow should go. Take an eye shadow brush and keep it straight. Rest lightly against your nostril. Where it meets the tip of the eyebrow is where to start.

2. Find the end of your brow by holding the brush at the corner of the eye. When the inner edge of the pencil hits is where your brow should end.

3. The best eyebrows have a slight bow. To find out where to get yours, hold the brush so that the inner edge is the outside of the iris. where the brush meets the top is where most of your brow should be.

4. Now is the time to start. Using the brightest light and a mirror, pulling stray hairs. Pull in the direction of hair growth. Wiping his brow with a little witch hazel sterilize open follicles.

How to apply eye shadow

General Tips

Light colors – Use lighter shades for a cheerful look pretty

Dark Shades – darker eye shadow for a dimensional look

Foundation – light layer of foundation on your eyelids gives a nice even tone canvas

Brushes – Do not waste your money on eyeshadow brushes greater use of cheaper quality brushes – flat, angular brushes are the best tips to apply eye shadow.

Mixing – Mixing is the key to applying eye shadow – sure to use colors that blend easily

Colors – The palette of colors you need is determined by your skin tone, hair color and color of your eyes – Avoid trying to match eye shadow to your clothes

Specific Advice

Eyes bigger – give lighter shades the eyes look larger and when combined with a more dark at the outer corners of the eyelid look larger increase

Eyelid drooping – silver eye shadow is perfect solution to revive the drooping eyelids giving you a canvas for a better application of eye shadow

Set eye shadow – You can use a loose powder transparent face to set your eye shadow to prevent wrinkles

Tone Shimmer – Bright eye shadow is good for special occasions or evenings out, but can also show the wrinkles at the top – If you must use it have some shine to highlight the area of ??bone of the forehead and / or just below the lower lashes.

Selection of colors – There are a lot of information that is in the color eyeshadow specific eye show that actually help your eyes. For example, eye shadow for hazel eyes, blue eye shadow, and eye shadow colors for brown eyes.